Gen. McChrystal Shares Service Year Vision in New Hampshire, Challenges 2016 Presidential Candidates to Take a Stand on National Service

Posted by Adam Coretz on April 03, 2015 at 10:39 AM

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, Franklin Project Leadership Council Chair Gen. Stanley McChrystal visited New Hampshire to share the vision of voluntary universal national service and to challenge the 2016 presidential candidates to take a stand on national service in the key battleground state.

The day began with an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio.

At 1:00pm, he delivered remarks at the University of New Hampshire Rudman Center, where he challenged the audience to demand the 2016 presidential candidates take a stand on national service:

"What I want you to do is to demand that they [candidates in NH] address the issue of national service." -Gen. McChrystal

The visit to New Hampshire garnered a great deal of media attention, including a front page article in the next day's Concord Monitor:

On Thursday, the New Hampshire Union Leader published an op-ed by Gen. McChrystal impressing upon residents the the importance of demanding, "candidates who are willing to cross the aisle in support of a big idea for renewed citizenship and a shared sense of purpose."

The start of the 2016 presidential race, just around the corner, presents a unique opportunity to thrust the idea of universal voluntary national service to the forefront of national consciousness and public conversation. As the Franklin Project continues to build a local presence in communities across the nation through initiatives like the Franklin Project Ambassadors Program, we call on all Americans to demand that politicians and elected officials asking for their support take a stand on national service.

If you live in New Hampshire and would like to get involved in the national service effort, please contact ServiceNation's New Hampshire State Director Stephan Rodriguez at [email protected]. For media inquiries regarding Gen. McChrystal's New Hampshire visit or the Franklin Project generally, please contact Tara Maller at [email protected].


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