Service Year Alliance

The Service Year Alliance is a new coalition organized around the vision that a year of national service should be a cultural expectation, common opportunity, and civic rite of passage for all young Americans.

By creating this Alliance, the four founding organizations — the Franklin Project, the National Conference on Citizenship, ServiceNation, and Voices for National Service — have committed to a model of collective impact.

We know that a generation of Americans spending a year in full-time service is a transformative idea that will unleash a reservoir of human capital to tackle pressing social challenges, unite diverse Americans in common purpose, and cultivate the next generation of leaders. To achieve this, the Alliance is organized around three goals: 



Goal 1: Create a measurable pathway to 1 million service year positions as a rite of passage by 2023

Goal 2: Inspire Americans to understand and embrace national service and a service year

Goal 3: Build an ecosystem for national service in the 21st century


Organized to succeed:

Our joint vision is a country in which national service is a cultural expectation, common opportunity, and rite of passage for all young Americans.  Here’s how we work together:


The Franklin Project:

Attract New Stakeholders

Institutionalize the Big Idea

Organize the Leadership Council

Voices for National Service:

Advocate for Service

Conduct Research


Service Nation:

Grassroots Mobilization

Execute the Cultural Campaign

National Conference on Citizenship:

Development of Service Year exchange



We are organized around a series of principles:

  • Universality: Every young person of every background must have the opportunity to serve and the expectation that they do so.
  • Commitment: Despite our individual functions and missions, we will not hedge away from our commitment to this big idea.
  • Authenticity: We will approach challenges realistically so that we might develop feasible strategies to overcome them.
  • Collaboration: The Alliance will to facilitate coordination and collaboration among different organizations, institutions, and sectors to ensure wide-spread, systemic change.
  • Collective Action: We believe that by integrating our efforts, rather than working in silos, we are likelier to make the big idea a reality.


Effective partnerships require a shared vision, common purpose, and the capacity to execute. The Service Year Alliance builds on the capacity of existing organizations and represents a novel development in the national service space: it has scale, and will hold itself solely accountable to the big idea of creating a new civic rite of passage.


National Conference on Citizenship

Developing the Service Year exchange (SYx), a technology platform that will certify new Service Year positions, provide a robust search and match function, and enable the ability for organizations and individuals to crowd fund.


The Service Year Exchange: Technology as a Solution

The Alliance is collaborating on the creation of a dynamic marketplace online to make national service a common expectation and opportunity. The Service Year exchange will bring all stakeholders together online to a single digital platform: young people seeking service positions; organizations seeking corps members; and funders who want to support these efforts. This will be a space where people and programs—both new and existing—can search, interact, communicate and partner. The platform is under development and will publicly launch in the fall of 2015.

For more information on the Service Year exchange, please visit:


ServiceNation is building a movement to make a service year part of American life. They envision the day when “where will your service year be?” becomes a commonly asked question in our society.

They are leading a sweeping cultural campaign that aims to have 50 television shows integrate the idea of a Service Year into their scripts in partnership with the entertainment industry, digital influencers, and major companies like Comcast and NBC Universal and Airbnb.

Voices for National Service

Working to expand service opportunities through AmeriCorps and reframe national service to build demand and public will. A significant expansion of service year positions requires increased visibility and an expanded constituency base, and Voices for National Service will test and validate new frames and language that will further a service year’s salience. Voices for National Service will incorporate new 21st century messaging about AmeriCorps and service into a national communications campaign and field trainings, all designed to enhance public understanding and cultivate support.